Conservative Principles, and Picking Our Battles

Here are the opening paragraphs from a new post by Bruce Donnelly:

The scope of change necessary to restore America to founding Constitutional principles is daunting, if not overwhelming. To many, it seems hopeless. It is hard to even know where to start. The fight seems likely to last for many years, if not decades. We have been on the wrong path for roughly a century as “progressives” steadily undermined so many of our basic principles and values, either slowly or recklessly as in the Obama years.

As a recent article in Hillsdale College’s popular Imprimis magazine pointed out, there are those who are left to believe that Frank Capra’s America was a fantasy, and never existed. Mr. Smith never went to Washington. It was never “A Wonderful Life” in America. George Bailey never existed. All businessmen are greedy, evil old white men like Mr. Potter. Christmas is just a day off of work, as it was for Scrooge. Christians and Jews are under assault, both in limiting their rights here and killing them off elsewhere, either individually or en masse.

The liberal critics of America seem to be in full control of the media narrative and popular culture as well as our schools from kindergarten through universities. Where does one even start to stop it? We have to start somewhere.

We will lay out a strategy and action plan in the months ahead to make a difference in 2016. For now, we are working behind the scenes on the preparatory work involved, including fundraising.

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