Conservatives Can’t Win the Information War Without Building New Pipelines

Conservatives can analyze everything to the smallest detail and miss what’s right in front of them. Their failure in the information war over decades doesn’t dawn on but a few people. Many of the rest study and write and opine and examine and measure. The mainstream media is liberal. Okay, what else is new? What are we going to do about it? That’s the question that needs to be answered. To learn more, visit the articles linked here.

Below are excerpts from two recent articles — both making good points — both missing the biggest point. Wishing doesn’t make it so. Conservatives need to construct new pipelines for information to flow to more of our uninformed fellow citizens, and better utilize the pipelines that already exist.

First is Henry Scanlon writing at The Federalist:

Can We Stop Lying About Every Fake Political Outrage Already?
Pouncing on Hillary Clinton for saying she ‘short-circuited’ or insisting Donald Trump proposed assassinating her are examples of the outrage machine’s intentional lies for political gain. Make it stop.

Listening to the Right rail about Hillary’s “short circuit” and the Left mirror that behavior in seizing Donald Trump’s veiled implication that Second Amendment advocates could deal with Hillary in their own fashion—wink, wink—reminds me of a hard and painful lesson I learned in college when I wrote a weekly column for the campus newspaper.

Each week I scaled the rocky face of high dudgeon, carrying on about one political or cultural thing or another, and for the most part it was all pretty benign. Occasionally something I wrote would generate a few letters to the editor and the occasional call for my immediate ouster, but nothing serious. Then I tossed off a column I thought would be particularly innocuous, turned in primarily for the purpose of meeting a looming deadline.

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Here is Jack Hellner writing at American Thinker:

WSJ and Trump

Instead of trashing Trump and complaining that he has alienated some Republicans, why doesn’t the WSJ question why Hillary gets almost universal support among Democrats, the media and Hollywood no matter what she says or does? Isn’t supporting a scandal-ridden congenital liar more troubling than alienating some Republicans?

We are constantly told by Democrats and the media that Hillary is so smart and the most qualified person to run for president, but what they never do is list actual accomplishments because they have trouble thinking of any.

When Trump says something, Republicans and Democrats alike are asked to comment. Yet when Hillary says or does anything, the media does not trot out its microphones for comments. Why the discrepancy? For example, when Hillary called Gold Star Mom Patricia Smith a liar, no one went to Reid, Obama, Durbin, Pelosi, Schumer, et al. and asked: what do you think of Hillary treating a Gold Star Mom like that? The media obviously doesn’t really care about all Gold Star Families.

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