Conservatives Have More Than Enough Ammo to Fight the Information War

Too bad conservatives don’t know how to reach more people with information like this — here are just a few recent posts from the Illinois Policy Institute:

Illinois Needs a Taxpayers Bill of Rights
Illinoisans need a taxpayer bill of rights so that politicians must ask permission from voters if they want to raise taxes.

Illinois Taxpayers Pay $15,000 Per AFSCME Worker in Annual Health Care Costs
AFSCME balks at Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposal that state workers chip in more for their Cadillac health insurance.

Illinois has a spending problem, not a revenue problem
Illinois’ perennial budget crises stem from the state’s persistent overspending and misplaced spending priorities.

Illinoisans Revolt Against Nation’s Highest Property Taxes
Illinoisans face the highest median property-tax rate in the nation.

For much more, visit the Illinois Policy Institute’s website.

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