What Should Conservatives Learn from Frederick Douglass

From Laurie Higgins at Illinois Family Action:

Several days ago, I left a comment on the Illinois Review website following a story about a full-page open letter/ad in the Chicago Tribune promoting Bruce Rauner’s “pro-choice” position, which was signed by Mark Kirk and paid for in part by Diana Rauner. I used a metaphor to describe Rauner’s increasingly aggressive rejection of conservatives:

Rauner and his accomplices are going to double-down on conservatives, kicking them in the teeth and then grinding muddy boots into the ivory rubble left swimming in a pool of our blood. We need some mouth guards, boxing gloves, and spines.

In thinking about the criticism, I modified my words, leaving this comment:

Maybe the language I used is not appropriate to describe the actions perpetrated by the Rauners, Tom Cross, and Mark Kirk—who campaigned on his fealty to Planned Parenthood and who signed this open letter/ad—against conservatives. Maybe the ivory rubble swimming in a pool of blood is not from the teeth of conservatives but the bones of babies.

My critic viewed this comment as “over the top” and feared that “progressives” will view me and by extension all conservatives as kooky, fringy, crazy loons.

And what do conservatives do when faced with epithets, ridicule, and calumny from the Left? We obsequiously and freely relinquish one of the most powerful political tools we have: fiery rhetoric.

We must use language commensurate in intensity with the nature of the issue under debate. We must use language that inspires both passion and action. Emasculated, dispassionate discourse—though necessary—is not sufficient for effecting radical cultural change, which is what is required right now.

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