Conservatives Produce More Materials Than Will Ever Be Read

Imagine if the same amount of effort went into reaching the uninformed as went into preparing all of the following materials (that few people will ever see)? NOTE: This was originally posted on October 7, 2013.

From the Heritage Foundation’s “Insider Online” website (and yes, this is only one week’s email):

Updated daily, InsiderOnline ( ) is a compilation of publication abstracts , how-to essays , events, news, and analysis from around the conservative movement. The current edition of The INSIDER quarterly magazine is also on the site.

October 5, 2013

Latest Studies: 92 new items, including the Fraser Institute’s “Economic Freedom of the World” report, and a report from the Rio Grande Foundation on how New Mexico could manage its federal lands better than the federal government

Notes on the Week: Somebody was worried the shutdown wouldn’t hurt, the last shutdown was good for the economy, the federal income tax turns 100, and more

To Do: Learn the truth about gun control

Latest Studies

Budget & Taxation
Tax Reform, the Family, and the Pursuit of Happiness – American Enterprise Institute
Could Dan Snyder End Publically Financed Stadiums? – Cato Institute
Tax Reform Should Eliminate the Deduction for State and Local Taxes – The Heritage Foundation
Average Government Pensions in Illinois – Illinois Policy Institute
State Pension Contributions: Taxpayers Bear the Brunt of Increasing Pension Costs – Illinois Policy Institute
Tax Reform 2013: Setting the Stage for Economic Growth – John Locke Foundation
A Tale of Two Labor Markets: Government Spending’s Impact on Virginia – Mercatus Center
New Evidence of the Effects of City Earnings Taxes on Growth – Show-Me Institute
Building on Success: A Guide to Fair, Simple, Pro-Growth Tax Reform for Nebraska – Tax Foundation
How Tax Reform Can Address America’s Diminishing Investment and Economic Growth – Tax Foundation
The Effects of Terminating Tax Expenditures and Cutting Individual Income Tax Rates – Tax Foundation

Economic and Political Thought
Hayek, the End of Communism, and Me – Cato Institute
Kludgeocracy in America – National Affairs

Economic Growth
The Inequality Illusion – American Enterprise Institute
Economic Freedom of the World 2013 Annual Report – Fraser Institute
It’s the Government, Stupid – Hoover Institution
What Economic Recovery? – Hoover Institution
Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism – Manhattan Institute

Protecting Students and Taxpayers: The Federal Government’s Failed Regulatory Approach and Steps for Reform – American Enterprise Institute
The Most Interesting School District in America? Douglas County’s Pursuit of Suburban Reform – American Enterprise Institute
Expanding College Opportunities – Education Next
Graduations on the Rise – Education Next
Understanding Illinois’ Broken Education Funding System: a Primer on General State Aid – Illinois Policy Institute
60 Questions About Common Core – John Locke Foundation
The Missing Half of School Reform – National Affairs
Veterans and Higher Education – National Center for Policy Analysis
How to Correct Our Schools of Ed – Wisconsin Policy Research Institute

Foreign Policy/International Affairs
Honduras under Siege – American Enterprise Institute
Framework for Removing Syrian Chemical Weapons: Reasons for Skepticism – The Heritage Foundation
India: Congress and White House Should Have Modest Expectations for PM Singh Visit – The Heritage Foundation
International Affairs Budget Needs Stronger Congressional Scrutiny – The Heritage Foundation
Sri Lanka: Northern Provincial Council Election Could Be Step Toward Reconciliation – The Heritage Foundation
U.S.-Japan Security Agreement Enhances Allied Goals – The Heritage Foundation
Syria and American Leadership – Hoover Institution
The Perilous Future of Afghanistan – Hoover Institution

Health Care
Health Care Exchanges Impose $5.3 Billion in Costs, 16 Million Hours – American Action Forum
Premium Increases for “Young Invincibles” Under the ACA and the Impending Premium Spiral – American Action Forum
More Consolidation and More ‘Political’ Competition, Less Patient-Centered Market Competition – American Enterprise Institute
Obamacare: Destined to Flop? Part II – American Enterprise Institute
Obamacare: Destined to Flop? Part III – American Enterprise Institute
Obamacare: Destined to Flop? Part IV – American Enterprise Institute
More Good News as the Medicare Drug Benefit Approaches Ten Years – e21 – Economic Policies for the 21st Century
Obamacare’s Insurance Exchanges: “Private Coverage” in Name Only – The Heritage Foundation
Part-Time Illinois: Work Hours Have Dropped Since ObamaCare Signed into Law – Illinois Policy Institute
Reforming Medicaid with Technology – Institute for Policy Innovation
Conservative Health-Care Reform: A Reality Check – National Affairs
The Uninsured Crisis under Obamacare – National Center for Policy Analysis

Biometric Exit Tracking: A Feasible and Cost-Effective Solution for Foreign Visitors Traveling by Air and Sea – Center for Immigration Studies
Remittances Abet Mexican Officials’ Irresponsible Behavior – Center for Immigration Studies
Shaping our Nation: How Surges of Migration Transformed America and its Politics – Crown Publishing Group

Information Technology
Consumers Would Benefit from Deregulating the Video Device Market – Free State Foundation
No Picking Favorites: The Proper Approach to the Upcoming Incentive Auction – Free State Foundation
Proposals Like the AT&T/Leap Merger Promise Consumer Benefits – Free State Foundation
Two Sides of the Internet’s Two-Sidedness: A Consumer Welfare Perspective – Free State Foundation

Above the Law: Unions are Often Exempt from Laws on Extortion, Identity Theft, and Whistleblower Protection – Capital Research Center

Monetary Policy/Financial Regulation
What Now for Monetary Policy? – American Enterprise Institute
Dodd-Frank Strikes Again – Hoover Institution
Fannie, Freddie, and the Crisis – National Affairs

National Security
AQAP’s Role in the al Qaeda Network – American Enterprise Institute
DHS Acqusition Practices: Improving Outcomes for Taxpayers Using Defense and Private-Sector Lessons Learned – American Enterprise Institute
NATO at Sea: Trends in Allied Naval Power – American Enterprise Institute
Biofuel Blunder: Navy Should Prioritize Fleet Modernization over Political Initiatives – The Heritage Foundation
Kenya Attack Reminds the U.S. of the Need to Maintain Effective Domestic Counterterrorism Programs – The Heritage Foundation
Kenya Attack: Vigilance Required to Combat al-Shabaab’s Resurgence – The Heritage Foundation
U.S. Counternarcotics Policy: Essential to Fighting Terrorism in Afghanistan – The Heritage Foundation
The Strategic National Stockpile: Vital to Maintain, Critical to Improve – Hudson Institute
Journalism or Espionage? – National Affairs

Natural Resources, Energy, Environment, & Science
Small Business Implications of Greenhouse Gas Regulation – American Action Forum
Climate Data vs. Climate Models – Cato Institute
The Energy Wealth of Indian Nations – George W. Bush Institute
Congress Should Stop Regulations of Greenhouse Gases – The Heritage Foundation
A Tale of Two Parks – PERC – The Property and Environment Research Center
The Economic Possibilities of Unlocking Energy Resources on New Mexico’s Federal Lands – Rio Grande Foundation
A Texas Capacity Market: The Push for Subsidies – Texas Public Policy Foundation
Does Competitive Electricity Require Capacity Markets? The Texas Experience: A Summary – Texas Public Policy Foundation

ACORN International: Wade Rathke Shakes Down the Whole Wide World – Capital Research Center
Philanthropy by the Numbers – Manhattan Institute

Regulation & Deregulation
Insurance as Gun Control? – Cato Institute
Kosher Certification as a Model of Private Regulation – Cato Institute
Reconceptualizing Corporate Boards – Cato Institute
Government Overreach Threatens Lives – Hoover Institution
Reinvigorating, Strengthening, and Extending OIRA’s Powers – Mercatus Center

Retirement/Social Security
Reforming Old Age Security: A Good Start but Incomplete – Fraser Institute

The Constitution/Civil Liberties
Concealed Carry: Illinois Supremes Catch Up on the Second Amendment – The Heritage Foundation
Protecting the First Amendment from the IRS – The Heritage Foundation
The Fourth Amendment and New Technologies – The Heritage Foundation
Real Judicial Restraint – National Affairs
The Libertarian Challenge to Obamacare – Reason Foundation

Government Shutdown and the Future of Transportation Funding – The Heritage Foundation
Why the DOT’s Role in Funding and Regulating Transportation Should Be Reduced – Mercatus Center

A New Approach to SSDI Reform – Cato Institute

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