Conservatives: Producing Material That Doesn’t Reach the Audience it Needs To

These days it’s hard to keep up — conservatives are doing wonderful work when it comes to reporting news, conducting research, producing reports, proposing policies, and offering excellent commentary and analysis. Here’s the problem: Not nearly enough of it reaches those that need to hear/read/learn the information presented. It’s called (by me) a colossal failure in the information war.

There’s such a thing as “document dump” — and usually they’re done on Friday. The goal is to have as few people learn about the information as possible. I link them here in the hopes that some might see them, but I know few will. Since putting together this page took a while, it doesn’t post on a Friday. They are not posted in any particular order.

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Government Ignores Human Nature — and Warps the World with its Ignorance

Steven’s Former Fiance: When a Person You Love Dies, You Want to Know Why

What Should Americans Be Talking About?

The Tyranny of the Minimum Wage

Evildoers Often Care Too Much about Others, Not Too Little

Why There’s a War on Cash in Europe

Election 2016: The Threat of Immigration Anarchy Hangs in the Balance

Savagery and Murder: An Epidemic of Black Violence Against Elderly Whites

Intelligent Design: Nobel Prize for Chemists who Synthesized Molecular Machines

Science, Democracy Casualties of the Climate War

Turkey’s Dangerous Moves in Iraq

Charter Schools and Choice: The Civil Rights Issue of our Day

The 11-point lead for Hillary in WSJ-NBC poll sure looks like psy-ops

Social Conservatives Should Begin a Long March Through the Institutions

Refugees or an Occupation Army?

A Suicidal Ballot in Colorado

Obama Lied. My Third Health Plan Just Died.

Minnesota’s Democratic Governor Throws In The Towel, Admits Obamacare Is Not Affordable

Honest Federal LE Agents Disgusted with Comey & DOJ

Majority of Paris attackers entered Europe posing as refugees

French Terrorism Watch List Overflowing with 15,000 Potential Jihadists

First US Offshore Wind Plant Costs $17,600 Per Home Powered

Conservatives Not Impressed by What Paul Ryan Achieved in First Year as Speaker

Christianity is Rattling: “Lights Out” in Germany

Selling out liberty for false piety

Members of the GOP Elite: Men of dishonor

Tell me again who is anti-science

Why you should vote for Trump, even if you can’t stand him

America as Global Leader

Saving Private Ryan and His Republican Quislings

Will Old Political Formulas Finally Apply to Trump?

The Financial Crisis: Causes, Recollections and the Aftermath

Helping Others Say ‘No’ to Assisted Suicide

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Bragged About Being Invited to Putin’s ‘Inner Sanctum’

Trump Camp: ‘Unbelievable’ Level of Collusion between Clinton and DOJ on Email Investigation

Dick Morris: The Tipping Point is Here

Medieval America

For President, Vote for the Judiciary and for America

Forget Tawdry Trump or Lyin’ Hillary: Vote for the Party Platform

Voter Fraud Is Real. Here’s The Proof

FBI Investigators Unanimously Wanted Clinton’s Security Clearance Yanked

Saudi Arabia and Qatar Bankroll ISIS – and the Clinton Foundation

Government Ignores Human Nature – and Warps the World with its Ignorance

Image credit: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.