Cooler Heads and Chaos

It is seen as “chaos” by the establishment. But is it really? Here is Sally Zelikovsky writing at American Thinker:

It is no news that some Republicans have opposed Trump all along and do not support him as President. Anyone with a pulse knows that their opposition is budding into an insurrection, and some even make the case for a full blown putsch, as does Hoover Fellow Richard Epstein in “Presidential Chaos.”

Although, “the Republican case against Trump is in the whispering phase, as no one wants openly to state the obvious,” Epstein does just that. He argues that because a self-inflicted “perpetual state of dysfunction and chaos” has claimed the Trump presidency, he instructs “cooler heads in the Republican party to have a heart-to-heart with a stubborn President Trump, to create the needed political momentum for him to leave office — for the good of his party, and, most importantly, for the good of the nation.”

Since there are no grounds for impeachment by either party, he suggests Trump be ousted by Republicans to prevent Democrats from controlling the narrative. Replace Trump, the Tweet Slinger, with Pence, the More Palatable, whom he believes is patiently waiting in the wings, prepared at any moment to pounce for the good of the party. Pence should continue to implement his boss’ agenda because Trump’s accomplishments are solid (excepting immigration, trade, and ObamaCare), his appointments excellent, and his efforts scaling back Obama’s engorged administrative state are bearing fruit.

So there really aren’t any substantive grounds for his overthrow. It really comes down to the individual, the way he governs, the way he acts, and the chaos that flows in his wake, which is damaging the party and the country. If these were legitimate grounds for a legitimate ouster, pretty much every President would be vulnerable.

Why don’t these self-righteous senators and provocateurs who think they are America’s last best hope just stab the guy to death? It doesn’t sound like they’ll have a problem finding a Brutus. Et tu Jeff Flake, John McCain, Lindsay Graham?

I’m personally disgusted by the arrogance to openly call for his defenestration in blatant disregard for the electoral will. Who are they to decide our political fate?

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