Corruption Is the Fruit of a Biased Media

Talk about a failure in the information war — another fruit is corruption! Here is a fascinating article by Michael E. Young at American Thinker:

I recall a friendly conversation with a colleague about bias in the mainstream media circa 2002. The discussion revolved around which news agencies were furthest from the political center. At that time, our consensus was that most broadcast and cable news outlets leaned left, but not as much as Fox News Channel leaned right. FNC became very successful showcasing biased opinions in addition to news reporting. It created a trend for all to emulate and a stigma for FNC. This stigma has stuck with them through the years and facilitated incessant marginalization rhetoric by an increasingly leftward biased mainstream media.

Fast forward to 2017, when any claim by the mainstream media to be anywhere near the center is utterly ridiculous. The MSM networks have arguably allowed themselves to swing further left than FNC is right. CNN is the best example of a hard ideological transformation to the far left. The damage this leftward lurch is causing is on display right now in a climate of bitter division. Whether their leftward creep was due to the pursuit of ratings or their executives being lefty loons, the end result could be the eventual disassembly of this experiment in self-governance. We are supposed to be a nation of laws and we witnessed egregious lawlessness throughout the federal government during the last administration, and few on the left and in the center even know about it. The unbalanced media complex is the lethal enabler of this lawlessness. The emerging Uranium One bombshell will make this abundantly clear in the coming weeks and months.

It is difficult to wrap one’s head around the implications of what could happen if this Uranium One FBI informant survives long enough to tell his story to the various congressional committees. It has the potential to explode into the biggest story of political corruption in U.S. history.

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