Could a Genuine Conservative Win in 2012?

Paul Rahe has an excellent post up at with the above title. He starts with a note from one of his readers and then addresses it:

I quote Frozen Chosen here because I believe that he poses a question that is well worth thinking about and because he represents a view that is commonly held within conservative ranks. I also think that he is in part correct: Our culture really is in severe decline, the family is disintegrating, and our schools indoctrinate our children with secular theology. It is, I believe, the worst of times. And because of that it is the best of times, for it provides us with the perfect recipe for a conservative resurgence. It is the ideal moment for a man of courage and high principle to step forward and say, “The Emperor has no clothes.”

After listing some of the ways in which Obama has screwed things up, Rahe writes:

In short, Barack Obama is forcing the American people to rethink the relationship that connects them with their government. Where many of them once saw a helping hand, they now see a threat to their livelihood, their personal and religious liberty, and their well-being more generally.

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