Crisis at our southern border is real and growing worse without the wall

By Buck Sexton:

The federal government has reopened, but the talking points pushed by the Democrats about the southern border remain the same. They falsely say “there is no crisis.” They claim that a barrier or wall would do nothing to curb illegal immigration or drug smuggling, which is demonstrably untrue. The “humanitarian challenge” that members of Congress refer to is actually an inundation of migrants at the border that hurts the overall mission of law enforcement officials and threatens to crash the system.

What is new here is the unprecedented and growing surge of migrant family arrivals at our border with Mexico over the past year. Last month alone, more than 27,000 family units, defined as at least one adult and child together, were processed into custody. This is putting a major strain on resources meant for a primarily law enforcement mission. In fact, human smugglers for the cartels use the surrender of family units as a diversionary tactic. Once Border Patrol is engaged in one area, the smugglers will use that opportunity to run drugs onto American soil.

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