Crony Capitalism: The 1960s Generation’s Legacy

Townhall jpgFrom Emmett Tyrrell:

The historic blunders of President Barack Obama’s embarrassing health care rollout demonstrate spectacularly the utter failure of what? Let me tell you. They are the blunders of what was once called the “Brightest Generation” in American history, the 1960s generation. It did not start with Obama. His blunders were just a continuance of their blunders.

By the 1960s generation, I mean the pot-smoking, war-protesting, guitar-strumming kids of the left — not the majority from the 1960s generation, not the silent majority, but the minority. They were the miracle workers in politics: Jean-Francois Kerry, the Clintons, Al Gore, Joe Biden and all the rest. Their sages such as Saul Alinsky formalized their balderdash in learned tomes for their successors, for instance, our president. The media kept whooping it up for them. Their every pratfall was portrayed as a great success. Well, make a success of the health care rollout.

The health care disaster, first suggested to the American people by Hillary Clinton in the 1990s, and then rammed through a Democratic majority of both chambers of Congress by Obama and the dunderheads on his staff, is the most incompetent piece of legislation in American history.

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