Culture Wars: The Left Never Surrenders

Here’s Rush Limbaugh talking about how the left, unlike the right, never surrenders in the information war:

Now, when you get down to all of it, here’s the real crux of it here.  Story in the Daily Signal: “Why LGBT Advocates Think They Lost in Houston Election — Failing to pass the Houston Equal Rights Protection Ordinance Tuesday night came as a blow to LGBT advocates, who have won recent victories at the US Supreme Court and beyond. ‘We are disappointed with today’s outcome,’ said a coalition of partners that make up Houston Unites, the group behind the sexual orientation and gender identity measure. … The biggest hurdle LGBT groups say they failed to overcome was the branding of the Houston Equal Rights Protection Ordinance as ‘the bathroom bill.'”

But another point to make. This is a temporary setback. It is not a defeat. They don’t go away. Think back wherever you were, however many decades ago it was when you first heard somebody pitch the idea of gay marriage. And remember your first reaction. You pooh-poohed it, you laughed, you thought odd, kooky, whatever, but the point is, there is no way, that is never. And now look. They never, ever stop and go away.

So you people in Houston, you might have, in your mind, temporarily beaten it, but you are going to have to stay vigilant and continually oppose this for the rest of your lives ’cause they are not gonna stop, and they are now really energized knowing they can’t persuade you to agree with them. Now they’re mobilizing to get it forced on you behind the scenes in ways you won’t even see it happening.

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