The Days of America as the World’s Piggy Bank Are Over

Not sure I’ve ever heard it called a piggy bank, but it applies perfectly. Here is Rush Limbaugh:

The days of the United States being the piggy bank for the world are over! Trump campaigned on this. This isn’t anything new. This isn’t anything people should be surprised about. Trump made a big deal out of trade imbalances and trade deals. And it’s been obvious for the longest time that not only G7, G8, G20, United Nations, the rest of the world looks at the United States as a provider.

And we have had administration after administration and political energy for I don’t know how long that simply agreed with that premise for whatever silly reasoning. “Well, it’s not fair, we’re such a big economy. It’s not fair, we’re such a large superpower. So, yeah, we’ll let other people have some of what we have.” Well, every time that happens it costs the American taxpayer.

These are not poor countries that we are talking about, Canada, the United Kingdom, the rest of the G7. But the idea that the United States is a piggy bank and that it’s open and that we have some sort of a duty to run trade deficits with people to lose money with them, where did that start? Well, as far as Trump’s concerned, those days are over. And he campaigned on it. And it makes 100 percent total sense.

If we could get to the end of these trade imbalances, we wouldn’t need tariffs or taxes or any of these other punitive deals; we could have genuine, fair, and free trade. But, you know, where is it written the United States is supposed to take it on the chin in these deals? And what this is, I’ll tell you, it’s no more complicated than Donald Trump looking out for the average American citizen, whereas the Washington political class really hasn’t and doesn’t.

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