DC Statehood Is Up for a Vote Again. It’s Still a Bad Idea.

By Chris J. Krisinger:

A neutral location — a special non-politicized site — to host the federal government was clearly the intention of the nation’s founders. That is why the District of Columbia was designated, and has remained, as a district and not a state.

If the District of Columbia were allowed to be further controlled by one political party or the other, a strong case could be made that it would be difficult for the opposing or minority party to fully, effectively, and conveniently participate in the governing of the nation, particularly given that legislators and government officials reside in or near the District.

Having a specially designated neutral enclave as the seat of the national federal government benefits the entire nation and all Americans. That standard must be maintained for the “common and greater good” of the entire nation and our constitutional republic. The wisdom of the Founding Fathers got this one right from the start.

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