Defeating leftism is the only victory

Bruce Walker writing at American Thinker is correct about defeating leftism, but we can’t if we don’t reach enough of our fellow citizens with the facts:

While regaining control of our borders, reinvigorating the economy, and strongly challenging foreign nations that threaten us are all important objectives today, the only real victory for our nation is to defeat leftism itself. This means grasping that leftism, like Nazism and communism, is totalitarianism immune to argument, truth, empiricism, and logic.

Indeed, leftism is just as profoundly unserious and simultaneously as grimly dangerous as any other hateful misology of modern life. This accounts for the stunning inconsistency and infantile sloganeering which even the most cursory glance at leftism reveals. Leftists do not want to solve the problems which provide their claim to power.

So leftists encourage Hispanics not to learn English, because that would liberate Hispanics. Leftists encourage blacks to speak pidgin English, because that makes blacks seem ignorant and childish. Leftists manipulate language to invert meaning and prevent both clear thinking and communication.

Leftists want public schools to fail even as they snarl and hiss at any proposal to make homeschooling easier or to provide the same federal aid to private schools that public schools receive. Leftists also want academia to continue its descent into ideological intolerance, surreal idiocy, and pathetic narcissism.

Leftist economic ideas are little more than the shopworn failures of old, gray socialism, which have never produced any result except more poverty and hopelessness. But here, as in every area in which leftism’s cold, clammy hands take hold, what leftists seek is simply their continued power, wealth, and moral posturing.

What this means for conservatives is that the only true way to defeat leftism is to defeat leftism, which is to say that nothing we can do will survive unless we single out leftism as the root cause of modern misery and take action to end the power of leftism and force leftists — doubtless dragged kicking and screaming — into the real world of work, responsibility, and prudence.

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