In Defense of Pro-Trump Christians

Here are two posts on the same topic –the second is a link to an important short video by Dinesh D’Souza:

In Defense of Pro-Trump Christians
By Dennis Prager

There are many good conservatives who are Never-Trumpers, and there are many good conservatives who will vote for Donald Trump. Eight months ago, I warned that conservatives must resist gratuitous hatred or they will destroy themselves more effectively than the left ever could on its own.
I used the term “gratuitous hatred” because it is the term Jews and Judaism use to describe the reason for one of the greatest calamities of Jewish history: the destruction of the Second Temple and the second Jewish state. It wasn’t the Romans who Jewish tradition blames; it was the Jews themselves — for hating one another for no good reason.

When I read the Boston Globe column “How the Religious Right Embraced Donald Trump and Lost its Moral Authority” by Jeff Jacoby, a man whose work I have long respected, gratuitous hatred came to mind. Just as there are pro-Trump people who have expressed contempt for anti-Trump people since the very beginning — as an early anti-Trumper I can personally attest to this (even though I wrote repeatedly that if Trump wins the nomination, I would vote for him) — some Never-Trump people now dismiss the decency and moral credibility of conservatives voting for Trump.

In light of this, I would like to respond to Jacoby and the editorial against Trump that was published last week in the important evangelical journal World.

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From Clash Daily:

WATCH: ‘Principled Christians’ NOT Voting For Trump ARE Voting For Hillary (VIRAL)

Here is a video that NeverTrumpers are going to HATE. Is he right or… well, it’s Dinesh D’Souza. He’s right, and you need to share it.

In all decisions, there are intentions and there are consequences. The problem with riding a moral high horse with pure intentions is that they can actually produce terrible consequences.

Watch the video: Clash Daily