Defining Deviancy Down in Germany: Public Approval of Homosexuality and Its Consequences

AmericanThinker3This is sick and frankly, evil. From  at American Thinker:

Germany’s equivalent of the United States Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, ruled on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, that homosexuals in civil partnerships have a right to adopt children previously adopted by the other person in the partnership in the same manner as married husbands and wives. Previously, homosexuals could legally adopt only a partner’s biological child. This additional legal erosion of the distinctions between families resulting from a husband-wife marriage and homosexual living arrangements has all too predictably called forth yet more demands to break down the nuclear family unit.


Such is the result from the abandonment of Judeo-Christian, natural law-based norms of human sexuality. Societies such as Germany are risking going back to a future combining the historical novelty of SSM with relapses into sexual and lifestyle practices long considered abandoned in the distant past. The leftist vision of historical Progress thus ends in regression. Lost in this sexual and social anarchy will be the stability of the family unit, the incubator of human life for the next generation and basic building block of a stable society.

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