Defying Logical Boundaries: When Anything Goes, Everything Follows

Last month Doris O’Brien posted an article titled “Defying Gender” over at American Thinker. She opens with this:

Strangely enough, sex has become the only physical aspect of one’s being that can now be “changed” not  only  by way of some invasive procedure, but by the simple declaration of a person’s intent.

I happen to be a small woman. If I suddenly announced that I were a “tall” woman, I would be either ignored, humored, or considered delusional. However, if I stated emphatically that I was now a small “man,” I could be taken seriously, even if I had made no attempt to change my appearance and possessed no physical evidence of maleness. And in many places I could even use the men’s rest rooms.

From a sexual standpoint, we are now apparently whatever we think we are.

She notes that “in matters of sexuality, the psychological creep has exceeded the bounds of reason”:

The transgender trend is becoming a matter of concern well beyond the sensational world of show biz. This unusual conundrum is now confronting the few remaining women’s colleges in America. When young women accepted into such colleges subsequently declare themselves to be “men,” what is the course of action for the collegiate community? The idea of “sisterhood” is understandably strong in such women’s enclaves, and suddenly there are men in its midst. Often a sense of betrayal is mixed with a feeling of compassion, something transgenders might not feel on co-ed campuses.

Then she adds a nice wrinkle into the discussion:

But sex itself will be hard to homogenize because it lies at the very core and survival of humanity. And if entertainment and social media are any indication, our attraction to standard sexuality is stronger than ever. Feminists who discount the difference between the sexes are matched by their counterparts who flaunt it. While some women see themselves as basically the same as men, others prefer being as conspicuously opposite from them as possible. Hence the bikinis on beaches during Spring Break; the near-nudity in movies; the provocative commercials even to sell a hamburger or soft drink; the Hollywood hunks in People magazine; and the cleavage and thighs on the red carpets of Hollywood.

The vast majority of people still prefer, when it comes to their own behavior, the logic of what nature has designed. That’s bad news for the folks who would like to mandate a wholesale change. The seed of sanity still remains.

O’Brien concludes by saying that

a lot more is going on here than a change of sex or even a sea-change in societal attitudes. Defying the logical boundaries at the heart of something as basic as sex leads us to worry that when anything goes, everything follows.

And that is just what the cultural Marxists want.

Read Doris O’Brien’s entire article here.

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