Delivering Students (Of All Ages) From Liberal/Progressive Schooling

As frustrated as I am about the failure of genuine school reformers to effectively fight the information war, I am equally cheered by those out there that are innovating, experimenting, and proving what we all should’ve known for decades: the public schools cannot be reformed.

Here are just there recent articles on the topic of what should be done instead — from home schooling to private and charter schools to apprenticeships. (For even more information on the topic, browse my education tagged articles here.)

Private Charities and Schools: Better Results at Half the Cost
By Donald J. Boudreaux

Overall, the per pupil costs of public schooling are about twice as much as for private schools despite the fact that children typically learn much faster in private institutions. These statistics indicate that private charities and schools can provide better service than public ones if they receive just half the funding.

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Interest-Based Learning Is the Opposite of Lazy
By Wendy Priesnitz

My family was part of the birth of the modern unschooling movement, four decades ago. When Heidi and Melanie were children, they didn’t attend school. Nor did they see learning as work. They didn’t use a curriculum or workbooks, nor were they graded or tested. They learned math, reading, writing, science, and geography in the same way they learned to walk and talk. Their learning was experiential and inquiry-based, led by their interests, needs, and curiosity. They explored, investigated, asked questions, experimented, took risks, got ideas and tested them out, made connections, made mistakes, and tried again. It was a rich and joyful way of life, with knowledge and skills picked up both purposefully and incidentally, guided by their innate need to participate in, explore, and make sense of the world around them.

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Apprenticeships Signal Value Better Than Schooling
By Annie Holmquist

When it comes to pursuing a good career and salary, college seems the logical pathway to success.

According to The Wall Street Journal, however, that common wisdom may not always be true. In fact, the college alternative of apprenticeship may actually offer a better chance of employment and a better salary.

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Homeschooling, the Feds, and You: Who Knows Best?
By John Stonestreet

Was this a warning shot? Or just a misinformed opinion? Homeschooling parents want to know.

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