Democrats’ New Favorite Word to Bludgeon Trump: ‘Ethical’

The next fifteen months we’ll see many new examples of the Democrats’ new favorite word — here is Jeffrey Folks:

Every few months, progressives shift their attack, introducing or recycling one theme after another. First, it was “collusion.” Then, it was “obstruction.” Now the word is “ethical.” Apparently, it’s not ethical to pick up the phone and listen when someone calls you. Even if you intend to call the FBI if there’s something wrong.

Obviously, the Clinton campaign went far beyond that when it paid for the services of a foreign national to compile the dirty dossier on the president. But it’s not just the Steele dossier. Charges of involvement by Obama’s FBI, CIA, and Justice Department, if substantiated, will amount to the worst political conspiracy in our history. The list of those involved will be long, and it could stretch from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page at the bottom all the way up to Biden and Obama at the top. That sort of conspiracy, involving top federal agency and department heads and perhaps the president and vice president himself, would go so far beyond “unethical” as to make an ethics charge seem laughable. There would be so many felonies flying around that the Justice Department couldn’t prosecute them even if it wished to.

. . .

The massive crowds at the president’s enormous re-election rally in Orlando didn’t have a problem with the president’s ethics. They love President Trump and view him as a hero who is saving America from its enemies domestic and abroad. To defend our shores, to protect our markets, to support our economy, to preserve our borders — that does not sound unethical. Maybe it’s time for Democrats to find another word.

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