Denmark: Rapes Soared 196 PERCENT Since Liberal Government Took Power, Invited Refugees

A number of Americans look to Denmark as a role model for how the United States should operate. For over a year I have collected articles about how Denmark and its neighbors run their economies — Scandinavian Unexceptionalism: The Failure of Third-Way Socialism.

Here is a short post by Nicolai Sennels at Jihad Watch about another example provided by Denmark that we probably don’t want to follow:

Shakespeare’s Hamlet would agree: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Since the self-proclaimed Conservative party Venstre (meaning “Left”) with their slogan “Denmark’s Liberal party” took power in June 2015, the number of rapes reported to the police has soared by a shocking 196 percent, according to the Danish state’s bureau of statistics.

This rise in rape attacks coincides with the liberal government’s opening of Danish national borders to refugees that primarily are from Islamic countries.

In Denmark, there are no official statistics on the rapists’ ethnicity or nationalities, but according to a report from the Danish Ministry of Justice, “There is a clear overrepresentation of immigrants from non-western countries when looking at the statistics of convicted rapists.”

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