Designed by God, Male and Female

Mission AmericaMission America’s Linda Harvey says it well:

In the beginning…

God created them male and female. And the two He would then make one flesh. There were no fancy invitations, no expensive reception or annoying relatives. At the first wedding, He gave them to each other for companionship, love, physical pleasure and the heritage of children.

God didn’t do this thing to anger the feminists, but it did. He didn’t do this to antagonize the pansexual activists, but it did. He didn’t do these things to foment a seething hatred toward Him and His Anointed in the hearts and minds of those determined to justify their sin, but that’s what has happened. Such ingratitude must grieve our Father, because all along, the design was meant for our benefit in a multitude of ways.

God made an obvious division of the human race into two halves. Then, he made them want to unite. God made the male to intensely desire the female, one who was not like him, so that there was no way the man could live without her.

Likewise, God designed woman to yearn for this different creature called male, to desire union with him. Yet he would find that he needed to approach her tenderly, which would ground him and civilize his barbarian core. Her smiles and sighs would elicit kindness and dissolve his force. The steel of his nature, softened by love, would in turn mold and shape her desires, bringing a gentleness to her demands. Through the eyes of love, she would admire and depend on his courage, but also perceive the fear buried in his soul, and long to be his safe harbor; he would see her fire and passion, but also the small, vulnerable girl in her, and happily become her shelter from the storm.

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