Diagnosing the health of your local GOP organization

By John Biver


You listen to talk radio when you can. You catch the latest on cable news. You scan the Internet for the latest news and commentary. You watch the Republicans in your area and nationally as they fumble and stumble and play the role of the invisible man. And the left-wing media and the Democrats prosper, while the evidence stacks up proving that the right fork in the road is the better path than the left has taken.


What's happening with government spending at all levels – from your local school district right up to Washington, D.C. impacts you and your quality of life. You've seen the news about General Motors and bailouts, Fannie and Freddie, your state's public employee pension scams, Social Security and the government's role in the creation of a health care mess. Well, all those things are related to the health of the GOP. Many of us can't impact the top directly – but there is undeniable power in numbers.


So what can you do? You're busy. A kid – or kids. A job – or jobs. A business. Local activities, clubs, church, and just regular life fills up your week. But you want to carve out some time for doing more than just being in the political audience while those holding office continue to screw things up.


If you live in Illinois, vote Republican, and want to do something beyond just voting – one thing you can do is learn about your local GOP organization. If you're in a Chicago ward or a suburban Cook County township – find out who your elected Ward or Township Committeeman is and investigate whether there is anything going on in your area.


It's easy to make a list of some of the basic criteria for measuring the health of your local GOP.


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