Disappointed Americans ‘Open to Conservatives Making Their Case,’ Jindal Says

Ken McIntyre at the Daily Signal has a post up today with the above title that includes this passage from Bobby Jindal:

I think they’re open to conservatives making their case. … I think that the real opportunity for us is to show our ideas are better. The danger and trap for us is that if we simply become the anti-Obama party.

We don’t have to re-litigate the past, we have to show people going forward our ideas do work, they are better, they’ve worked in states where they’ve been implemented. And they’ll work for our country as well.

I think people are open to that message. I don’t think the American people are a jealous people. One of the mistakes this president has made is he’s tried to appeal to our worst selves. He’s tried to say to us, ‘Look at those people over there who are successful. They must have cheated you, they must have broken the rules. Their success is hurting you.’ …

And yet I think that is increasingly the danger, that we have a generation that forgets the American dream. I think as conservatives we have to make a positive case to every voter that tomorrow can be better than today, and it’s not rocket science. We just have to get back to the ideas of growth and opportunity. We have to move away from the sense that a larger, more expensive, more intrusive government is the answer to every problem.

The one good thing this president has done? He has proven that progressivism doesn’t work. He has proven that government isn’t the answer to every problem—and Obamacare is Exhibit A.

You can read Ken McIntyre’s entire article here.

Image credit: Heritage Foundation/Steven Purcell.