District 211 Reaffirms Ignorance

If Republicans and conservatives were fighting the information war, more Americans would realize that we’re only at the “T” in the GLBTQQII etc., etc. (For more on some of the rest of the letters coming soon to a neighborhood near you, click here.)

Here’s Laurie Higgins:

Following a public spat between the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and the [Illinois]District 211 Board of Education over their tentative agreement regarding locker room use by a gender-dysphoric boy, the district has decided to move forward with the agreement. The district already allows gender-dysphoric students to use opposite-sex restrooms, and now they will allow this boy to use curtained, private changing spaces within the girls’ locker rooms.

The dispute arose when the OCR and ACLU, who is representing the boy in his lawsuit against the district, publicly stated that the agreement applied to any gender-dysphoric students in District 211 and that the agreement gives the boy at the center of the controversy the option of using the private changing areas created for him within the girls’ locker room, but that he was not required to do so. The district refuted both claims and demanded a retraction from the OCR who initially refused.

Shortly before an emergency school board meeting on Monday night to reconsider the proposed agreement, the OCR blinked, stating that the agreement applies only to this one student and that the student is required to use one of the private changing areas.

Of the over 100 people who signed up to speak, only 39 were able to do so, and many of them were not residents of District 211. It has been reported that of those 39, 9 identified as “transgender.” Astonishing. While “transgenders” constitute .2-.3% of the population, they constituted almost 23% of the speakers.

So, how did our friendly neighborhood, science-denying “progressives” defend a policy that requires all students to pretend a boy is a girl? Here are just a few of their arguments:

Claim 1. Preventing the body-rejecting boy from using the girls’ locker rooms is analogous to forcing blacks to use separate drinking fountains. Prohibiting a boy from using the girls’ locker room amounts to “institutionalized segregation.”

The problem with this analogy is that blacks are not different from whites in any substantive way, whereas men are fundamentally and substantively different from women—a fact that even homosexuals tacitly acknowledge when they say they are attracted only to members of their same sex.

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