Diversity Inc. Is Becoming Even More Dangerous

Bruce Thornton explains why “Diversity Inc.” is becoming even more dangerous. Here is the lede:

Applying “equality” to selecting brain surgeons and airline pilots.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

I was lucky to have grown up in the rural San Joaquin Valley, among a wild variety of ethnicities. The categories “black” and “white” were useful only to Jim Crow segregationists, who like today’s diversicrats and multi-cultis, relied on the fundamentally racist assumption that skin color, hair texture, accent, and nose-shape expressed the essential human reality of people.

But all these outward markers were useless for understanding what created the distinct identities of the Southern black, Mexican, Armenian, Basque, Portuguese, Southern Italian, Volga German, Swedish, and Dust Bowl immigrants who flocked to the Valley. Nor could those superficial physical characteristics justify making them into a collective called “white” or “black” or, most egregiously, “Hispanic.” They were and are what their cultures, circumstances, and experiences made them. The lives of the “whites” I knew were light-years from the stereotypical “white” people one saw in Fifties and Sixties sit-coms like The Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best, Leave It to Beaver, My Three Sons, and the like.

. . .

What I experienced growing up was real diversity, one ignored today by the fake “diversity” of progressives. Like the racists of old, they look to the same old superficial characteristics of people, now buttressed by stereotypes and invented “cultures” that lump millions of diverse black people, Mexicans, Latin Americans, and other chosen “victims” into crudely defined collectives oppressed by an equally crudely defined collective called “white people.” The distinctions of class, culture, religion, and region within those collectives are then sacrificed to the racialist, progressive narrative that inveterate white “racism” is responsible for the failure of some chosen minorities to succeed.

. . .

Finally, let’s not forget the ancient human propensity to assert that one is better than everybody else. The race melodrama provides endless opportunities for moral preening, virtue-signaling, displays of self-righteousness, and other signs of a social, moral, and political status higher than that of those “white” racist, sexist, homophobic, Bible-thumping, National Anthem-singing rubes and hicks living in flyover country.

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