Do you know anyone who votes for a candidate because of lawn signs?

For a while now, American Thinker has been running the short, and often humorous post from, which is described after the posts as simply “the conservative news site.” Here’s short excerpt (it has to be short lest the entire article get excerpted, which would obviously not be “fair use”). The writer (“Newsmachete”) spends a couple of short paragraphs lamenting the effectiveness of political lawn signs, which he (or she?) says are “so meaningless,” but “they work”:

Adults are adults in so many ways – they can drive cars, pay bills, and go to work. But when it comes to politics, so many of them have a political IQ of a child – “He looked good on TV! She ate a hot dog in Iowa like regular people! My neighbor has a lawn sign!” Maybe this is a sign of a lack of education in schools about basic issues, such as how an economy works, how jobs are created, common issues in current affairs, and so on. Of course, if these things were taught more aggressively in schools, they would undoubtedly be taught from a socialist or Marxist perspective. Right now, the only political subjects taught in school are “green” excessivism and racial and gender animosity, and that is too much “political” education already.

What the success of political signs reveals is that many people vote on peripheral issues without informing themselves. And when voters can be swayed by things like simple signs that say nothing other than a name, our democracy is in peril.

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