Dolce & Gabbana Defend Traditional Families

From John Stonestreet:

God’s Law on Our Hearts.

We’re used to defenders of the natural family being labelled hateful bigots. But it might surprise you just who is defending the family, and paying the price.

For thirty years, the designer duo of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have helped define what it means to be “fashionable.” In fact, it might be easier to list fashionistas who don’t wear Dolce & Gabbana clothing than to list those who do.

Or it would have been. You see, Dolce & Gabbana have recently fallen out of favor. Not because of a fashion faux pas, or because, like Robert Galiano of Christian Dior, they said they loved Hitler. No, they did something even more unforgivable these days: They said supportive things about the traditional family.

Speaking to the Italian magazine Panorama, Stefano Gabbana said that the traditional family “is not a passing fashion. It contains a sense of belonging to the supernatural.”

Domenico Dolce added that “we haven’t invented the family.” Invoking what he called the “icon” of the Holy Family, Dolce said that “it’s not a question of religion or social status, there’s no turning over a new leaf: when you are born, you have one mother and one father. At least, that is how it ought to be.”

That’s why Domenico Dolce said that he questioned what he called “chemical children” and “synthetic babies,” an obvious reference to in-vitro fertilization and its use by the gay community. He asked “how do you tell a child who their mother is” in a world of “rented wombs” and “catalog sperm?” And added, “not even psychiatrists are prepared to confront the effects of these experiments.”

What made the pair’s comments especially surprising was that they’re both gay—and while they would love to have children, as Dolce put it, “I don’t believe you can have everything in life . . . Life has a natural course and there are things you shouldn’t modify.”

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