Donald Trump flawed? On every front, Washington is worse

This has also been my point from the beginning re Trump…here’s Charles Hurt writing in the Washington Times:

All the political experts and professional politicians here in the beating heart of the federal Leviathan are still stuck in denial over the unstoppable electoral sensation that is Donald Trump.

But he is a crook, a con-man, a cheesy huckster! He doesn’t understand that proper politicians are never supposed to actually say the truth. That’s what they call a “gaffe,” a “blunder,” a “slip-of-the-tongue.”

Always best to just put out a statement. “Walk it back,” they call it. Express regret.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mr. Trump is the Big Bad Wolf and with one puff he has blown away all their silly houses made of straw or feathers or whatever fraudulent materials these people dwell among.

Worse yet, they say, there is solid, incontrovertible proof that he is a liar and a con artist and aims to pull off a great swindle against the American people.

The problem, of course, is that all of this comes from the very people who have already pulled off the greatest swindles in the history of mankind. Not since the Garden of Eden have mortals been exposed to such evil and thievery as this government allows, encourages or flat-out perpetrates.

“Look at Trump University!” they squeal. People supposedly went into hock for worthless degrees. Hmmm, sound familiar? Talk to any college grads lately still living with their parents who owe tens of thousands of dollars to a federally accredited university and no job?

Or better yet, consider Social Security. It currently collects about $780 billion a year from workers, disbursing about $850 billion to retirees. It piles up $70 billion in losses each year and the gap keeps widening.

Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme took in about $20 billion from his victims and he ultimately valued his investments at $65 billion. So depending on how you compare the two Ponzi schemes, the Social Security swindle is anywhere from the same size as Madoff’s — every single year — or more than 10 times the size.

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