Donald Trump and the new American revolution

A new revolution indeed. Here is commentator and author Monica Crowley:

The key to victory is to face the coming battles with good cheer.

Donald Trump just pulled the whole thing off.

His triumphant election as the next president of the United States is the most astonishing political story of our lifetimes — maybe ever, in the history of the republic. The brash billionaire, the guy who has never done this before, just beat a fearsome, well-funded and ruthless political machine, the sitting president, and just about everybody’s expectations.

Given the monolithic opposition arrayed against him — the president, Hillary Clinton, her campaign, the Democratic Party, the Republican establishment, the international community, the mainstream media — his victory is nothing short of miraculous.

There are many reasons for his win, which was also a stunning rebuke of President Obama and eight long years of leftist policies: a desire for real economic growth, job creation, law and order, a strong national defense, a repudiation of a corrupt, rigged system and a wholesale rejection of the bipartisan ruling class.

But something else was at play.

Throughout his campaign, Mr. Trump was always at his strongest when he was a happy warrior, taking on the challenge of restoring America with joy and passion. He tended to lose ground when became angry, self-referential or defensive.

This is generally true of most candidates because most people prefer to see positivity rather than negativity reflected back to them. It’s also rooted in the very DNA of America, which has always been optimistic, forward-looking and fearless, even in its darkest days.

Make no mistake: We are in a war for the nation’s future. Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama and the Democrats will always be preoccupied with the destruction of economic and personal freedom and redistributing our power and wealth globally in order to punctuate the end of American exceptionalism.

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