Donald Trump promises to embrace conservative GOP platform

In recent weeks, previously skeptical Republicans of all stripes are warming up to the prospect of a President Donald Trump. Here are a few articles worthy of note:

Donald Trump promises to embrace conservative GOP platform

Donald Trump, despite claims by critics that he is not a conservative, will fully embrace the Republican Party platform that the nation’s 22 leading conservative groups are drafting, a senior Trump campaign official said.

Mr. Trump’s apparent commitment to what promises to be one of the most conservative Republican platforms ever is noteworthy because critics within the party perceive him as ideology-free. Another reason is that, with the exceptions of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, few Republican presidential nominees have explicitly embraced the party’s platform.

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Donald Trump’s Early Legacy

In the Donald Trump presser shortly after he reached the magic number of 1237 to clinch the Republican party’s nomination for President, a reporter asked Trump about Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent attacks on him. Trump interjected, “You mean Pocahontas?” with the most mischievous little boy grin on his face. It was a moment to savor.

A leftist female among the gaggle of reporters shouted out something about it not being a nice comment, and Trump in a masterful in-your-face to the leftist, repeated the name. Every patriot viewing the event, I am certain, breathed a collective fist-pumping sigh of “Yes!” in overwhelming support of Trump’s not backing down to the media clowns.

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12 Reasons to Trust Trump if Previously You ‘TrustTed”

Most of you have read that in June there will be a by invitation only, gathering of Christian leaders meeting with Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson in New York City. We are meeting to interact with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on today’s critical issues.

Previously I was a strong supporter of Senator Ted Cruz, writing an endorsement and encouraging others in his direction. Now it’s time to face reality: where there was once a field of 17 Republican candidates, today as we’ve gone through the process, there’s one left standing, Donald Trump.

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Why Black Voters Should Support Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s focus on American workers is in fact a black jobs policy.

As an American who is black, I’m supposed to hate Donald Trump. They say he’s a racist demagogue. They say he hates Mexicans. They say he hates women. They say he’s mean. Yes, I’ve heard it all. But I believe that above all the sensationalist name-calling, there is a strong case for black support for Trump.

They say when white people catch a cold, black people get pneumonia. Nothing illustrates this better than the trends of automation, globalization, and immigration, which have left many black people in the dust even while lifting many immigrant groups and other races into the middle class.

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