Donald Trump Stands Alone Against Violent Chicago Hate Groups

From Doug Ibendahl:

The violent mob action in Chicago Friday night really wasn’t even about Donald Trump. Not exactly.

Trump just happens to be seen right now as the Republican most likely to win the White House. That simply makes him the obvious vehicle around which some brutish Marxists (most of whom are Bernie Sanders supporters) are organizing their suppression of free speech and strong-armed intimidation.

But the simple fact is the violent thugs I watched in action Friday night at Trump’s event at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) are going to target ANYONE they believe is an obstacle to their obsession with selfish entitlement, bizarre vision of a socialist utopia – and “free” stuff.

That’s why Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich are especially reprehensible when their first kneejerk reaction includes pointing fingers at Donald Trump. Yes Trump is the bad guy because how dare he hold free enormous rallies across America and allow hooligans to take advantage of his hospitality at venues which Trump has paid thousands of dollars to rent.

Cruz, Rubio and Kasich have proven they aren’t honest men – but if they were they would admit that if Trump was out and any of them became the presumptive nominee (God forbid), it would be their turn in the crosshairs.

All three are whistling past the graveyard in one last selfish attempt to smear-up Trump and save their own failing campaigns.

But Cruz, Rubio and Kasich only further reveal what lousy politicians they truly are. By providing aid-and-comfort to these violent hate groups instead of standing with Trump and the First Amendment, the three also-rans have officially disqualified themselves from holding any public office.

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Image credit: Clash Daily.