Don’t Be Depressed Over Hillary Clinton Skating on the Email Scandal: It’s Now Up to Trump and the GOP to Make the Case

All the issues are the same in that Republicans and conservatives had better learn to fight the information war, or as Rush says in the title, make the case. Here’s Rush:

I hope none of you are depressed. I’m sure a lot of you are. I told you that we were being played throughout this whole thing. I never wavered, even when Comey started today. We’ve got some sound bites coming up of the FBI director, James Comey. When he started out, I’m sure there’s some of you, “Oh, my God, oh, my God, he’s gonna lower the boom!”And I knew throughout the whole thing, there’s no way that Barack Hussein O is gonna put Hillary on Air Force One today, fly to a campaign event, if the FBI director is going to recommend she be indicted. It just wasn’t gonna happen. And then, furthermore, this puts in perspective now that apparently off-the-cuff, surprise meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Well, man, oh, man, isn’t it amazing how that worked out.

So they have the meeting, it’s discovered by a lone media outlet, the ABC affiliate in Phoenix. It blows up just like that lone picture of the Clintons dancing on the beach three weeks before the Lewinsky story appeared on Drudge. Everybody got all hopped up. And just like that one picture appeared and Mike McCurry in the White House started bellyaching about it, nobody had seen it, it’s pre-internet, front page of the LA Times. What picture?

So they got the picture out everywhere. And then three weeks later here comes the Lewinsky story on Drudge. It had been spiked by Newsweek. Here we go. So you have the one media outlet in Phoenix that finds out Clinton’s on the plane with Lynch. Then it blows up and everybody finds out about it and all hell breaks loose.

Lynch is acting all embarrassed. (imitating Lynch) “You know what? I tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna back out of this. I am going to accept the recommendation of the FBI and the career prosecutors at the Department of Justice.” Isn’t she looking like a champion today to the people that matter. She backs out.

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