Don’t Feed Us This Mitt Again

Commentator Tom Blumer writes:

“Word has it that establishment Republicans are nearly in panic.

They fear that their 2016 presidential fave, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has become so tarnished by Bridgegate that his viability may be vanishing…”


“[T]he GOP powers that be are so worried that a legitimate conservative might end up winning the party’s presidential nominiation that some reportedly want to bring back Mitt Romney for yet another try.”

Blumer then explains why —

— now is the time, once and for all, to set the historical record on Mitt Romney’s legal and political legacy straight, and to make the definitive case against his return.

Mitt Romney did more harm to conservatism and the constitution-based rule of law during his ten years in public life than any other individual in America who claims to be on our side – and he did it all despite never having held national office.

Romney’s betrayals as a governor and presidential candidate came in five poisonous flavors: healthcare; abortion; same-sex ‘marriage’; war on religion; and participation in, and encouragement of, authoritarian rule.

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