Don’t Pooh-Pooh the Left’s Push to Normalize Pedophilia

EIB NetworkGood for Rush Limbaugh for having the guts to talk about this — here’s an excerpt from the transcript of his show from yesterday:

There is a movement on to normalize pedophilia, and I guarantee you your reaction to that is probably much the same as your reaction when you first heard about gay marriage. What has happened to gay marriage? It’s become normal — and in fact, with certain people in certain demographics it’s the most important issue in terms of who they vote for. So don’t pooh-pooh. There’s a movement to normalize pedophilia. Don’t pooh-pooh it. The people behind it are serious, and you know the left as well as I do. They glom onto something and they don’t let go. […](interruption)

No, it’s not a crime; it’s love!


Yeah, there are statutes on the book.

The statutes are wrong. The statutes are from a bygone era where everybody’s morality was wrong. Look, I’m just telling you what it says. They make the case that kids enjoy it, adults enjoy it; what’s wrong with a little love? The same things that were said about gay marriage. Look at the Elmo story, the puppeteer at PBS. Three or four young people, kids, were hit on by that puppeteer. Look how little attention that story got. In fact, that story was laughed off. It wasn’t a big deal at all.

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