Dr. Carson and the Ungracious, Pouting Women of The View

Let me just dive into the deep end, and at the risk of most likely being called a misogynist, comment on the four hosts of The View on Tuesday, October 6.

The big story circulating is that Dr. Ben Carson stood for life and did so in his ever-humble yet implacable manner. Having seen the good Doctor Carson up close at the Values Voter Summit (and I mean close, perhaps 24″ thanks to his amenable protective detail), I can attest to his humility and kindness.

Dr. Ben Carson | © Tami Jackson Photography

Dr. Ben Carson | © Tami Jackson Photography

But there is another story concerning this episode of The View that must be told, and perhaps, being a woman, I’ll venture to tell that story.

It’s a sad tale of five grown women acting like petulant spoiled brats. Watching the video, the hatred and tantrum-ready mindset is all too apparent on the faces of Whoopi Goldberg, Michelle Collins, Joy Behar, Raven-Symone, and Paula Faris. To their credit, Michelle and Paula said very little and remained respectfully composed.

But Whoopi? And Joy? Not to mention Raven-Symone’s near hissy fit?

These females made me ashamed to count them among my fairer sex.

Not only were The View’s hostesses’ faces a picture of twisted angst, their questions were imbecilic. Such as Whoopi, who could hardly look Doc Carson in the eyes, who asked, “Dr. Ben, I want to ask you this. Have you met with the women who have to make these horrendous decisions when they have to make them, of whether or not they can bring a child into the world?”

Whoopi Questions Carson

I was aghast.

“Whether or not they can bring a child into the world.”

So Whoopi, it’s a HORRENDOUS decision? That would only be the case IF the decision included ending the life of a human baby. Any other operative procedure most certainly does not include a “horrendous decision.”

Secondly, Ms. Furled Brow Goldberg, if the answer to “…whether or not they can bring a child into the world?” is “not,” you’re saying the only solution is to KILL the child? Doesn’t that seem the least barbaric to you? How about the option, the choice, being to abstain from behavior (yes, sex people) until such a time as a marriage is in place?

I am now not only a misogynist, I’m positively Victorian. And darn proud of it.

Joy Behar, ready to stroke out, could not contain herself and had to question, “Are you against birth control also?”

Joy Behar Questions Dr. Carson

Joyless Joy, obviously inappropriately named, made the asinine and ignorant assumption that all conservatives and/or Republicans are against birth control since we abhor Planned Parenthood and want PP’s doors shuttered.

Joy, we want that despicable entity closed not because they dispense birth control, but because Planned Parenthood is to abortion what Iran is to state-sponsored terrorism.

Of course Gentle Ben silenced her with a succinct, “No.”

Now take a look at a still of Raven-Symone’s near fit.


R-S had a look of total disgust throughout the interview, interrupted only by her facial contortions of a barely-in-check tantram.

My take-away from this episode of The View? Other than the humility and intelligence of Dr. Carson?

Progressive women are flat-out ugly and ungracious. And it’s not that they don’t possess physical beauty to differing degrees, it’s that the inner life is betrayed on their faces.

Conservative women who believe in time-tested truth, who believe in life and marriage, of gratefulness for blessings, those women model a loving and gracious demeanor the average Lefty cannot emulate.

As Paul tells us in Philippians:

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Philippians 4:8

A life-time of thinking on such things as virtue and things pure and lovely molds a visage of true beauty that is more evident with the years. The conservative women I know are primarily women of faith and they love mightily. The conservative women I know are thankful to be women and let men be REAL men, knowing God’s plan as such is good.

And conversely?

A life-time of cheering for the killing of babies, perverse lifestyles, and rampant feminism creates faces ravaged and creased with bitterness.

The women of The View (on this episode) were illustrative of that bad attitude creating unattractive looks. They pouted and grimaced and it was shameful.

Gentle Ben, on the other hand displayed self-control and graciousness and exemplified Proverbs 15:

A soft answer turns away wrath

Bravo Dr. Ben Carson. And shame on you, Whoopi, Joy, Raven-Symone, et al.