Dude! The Awesomest ‘Pro-Choice’ Defense of Planned Parenthood…Ever!

While at the Values Voter Summit (article on VVS forthwith), I saw old and new friends and met many long-time online and “on air” friends, one being LifeSiteNews.com D.C. Correspondent and public relations point person, Dustin Siggins.

Dustin share this marvelous LifeSiteNews video with me and now I must share with all of you.

The shocking debut of the Center for Medical Progress videos unveiled the heinous and barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood, an organization which, in the legacy of of the Nazi’s, kills innocents in an excruciatingly painful way. And not only does PP murder the unborn, but they then sell the aborted baby body parts.

Watch this well-done video by LifeSite:

“Like many of you were, I confess I was a little disturbed by what I saw in those ‘undercover’ Planned Parenthood videos. Like the time an aborted fetus was born fully ‘intact’ with a beating heart, and a lab tech was told to stab the baby in the face to harvest its brains…wait…what?”

“But then I did some research and it’s totally okay because brain tissue is really important for life-saving research. And as Dr. Julius Hallervorden from Planned Parenthood explained, and I quote, ‘There was wonderful material among those brains.’ Wait…Dr. Hallervorden didn’t work for Planned Parenthood. He was actually a German doctor who experimented on the brains harvested from the mentally ill people who were executed…by…you know…”

Yep. The Nazis.

Exactly so. The spirit of those running Planned Parenthood was the same spirit of those implementing the Fuhrer’s murderous and satanic policies.

Christ said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” And satan? He is and propagates pride, lies, and death.

Could it be any clearer what spirit is behind Planned Parenthood?

Pro-lifers in America must speak up as never before and stop this vile holocaust of the unborn. We must NOT be silent as The Church and so many did in Nazi Germany: God will hold us to account.