Education Needed! Wealth Creation Misunderstood by the Public

From William Pauwels:

Businesses exist to meet the needs, wants and expectations of their customers and clients at a profit or surplus (for “non-profits”) sufficient to meet their expenses and attract sufficient investment capital.  Jobs and wealth result from doing this successfully.

With the exception of inheritance and/or over-compensated wage-hustlers, wealth is normally created by owning at least a portion of an enterprise or asset that increases in value via its free-market appreciation.

Normally, significant wealth does not come from the public served by an enterprise, but rather from those who risked their investment capital in supporting the business’s creation, expansion, customer service, and growth.

Unfortunately, too many people think wealth comes from over-extracting money from customers and clients.  This is rarely the case.  Competitive, Free-Market Enterprise forces prices to decline quickly -– making more and more products and services available to the poor.

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