Education Savings Accounts for Every American Family

Excerpts from a post by the National Center for Policy Analysis:

An education savings account gives parents the opportunity to use their children’s education funding to choose among public and private schools, online education programs, certified private tutors, community colleges and even universities, says Matthew Ladner, the senior adviser of policy and research for the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Despite increasing the funding for public schools, American students face high dropout rates and wide racial achievement gaps…

Arizona lawmakers sought a solution to the education crisis by establishing an Empowerment Scholarship Account.

  • This account essentially allows parents to remove their children from their district school.
  • The state deposits 90 percent of what it would have spent on the child in public schools in the account.
  • The parent is then allowed to use the account to purchase textbooks, pay for tuition at a private school, use it for fees on college exams, tuition at post-secondary institutions, etc.

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