Educator Accountability: Hidden Violations

Scott Reeder, the reporter who brought you “The Hidden Costs of Tenure,” also produced “Hidden Violations,” another excellent investigative series. The information found in both reports raise questions about the performance of Republican state legislators. Members of the General Assembly have oversight responsibilities over Illinois’ taxpayer-funded public education system.


The Hidden Costs of Tenure won multiple awards for investigative reporting. Now, in a follow-up to the 2005 investigation, Mr. Reeder has spent seven months examining two further measures of educator accountability: teacher licensure and revocation of pension benefits. His findings are detailed in the stories below.

Illinois does poor job of dealing with teacher misconduct

Teachers get fired, but don’t leave classroom

Illinois lacks investigators, background on teachers before 2004

Moving bad teachers: Officials call it `passing the trash’

Regional school officials: We’re short of resources needed to investigate complaints about bad teachers

The case of teacher Bill Beck: Warning signs ignored

Experts disagree on frequency of sexual abuse of students

Editorial: Let’s keep Illinois schools free from known predators

Teacher screens fail students

Chicago maintains secret files on teachers

Editorial: Teachers unions can take steps to protect our kids

Two systems, one state: Chicago teachers don’t lose pension over job-related felony

Complete criminal histories of teachers can be hard to find

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