Election 2016, The Left, and Losing with Dignity…or Not

From BarbWire:

Editor’s Note: So many of us who voted for Trump, who were vehemently opposed to Hillary Clinton, the Grand Dame of Corruption and Prevarication, have been appalled at the absolute meltdown on the Left. Sure their candidate lost, but is that a reason for outbursts of violent and obscene anarchy? Does losing give Lefty pundits the licence to whine and opine with untrue, fear-mongering hyperbole? And if the shoe was on the other foot? Conservatives would not be cussing and destroying property. We might be writing op-eds at the speed of light, writing what elected officials we do have, maybe holding up candles and signs, maybe praying en masse. But we sure as shootin’ would not be acting like overgrown spoiled rotten brats. Read on. Tami Jackson

By Shaun Lewis

As I sit this evening and scroll through the news, I can’t help but notice the massive protests that are going on “in response” to the election of Donald Trump. I don’t know why I am shocked or surprised, but I was. Actually, I was pretty damn angry and appalled.

First, I have heard a lot of “Leaders” on the left and celebrities saying “I am disappointed in my country” or “RIP, America” and other statements alluding to the belief that Donald Trump will somehow destroy this country. I have zero issue with this, actually. I find it funny. It is their free speech, and their chance to make themselves look foolish. Hey, if I had a dollar every time I looked foolish, I would have a yacht!

The issue I have is with the obvious and continuous race baiting that I see being perpetuated via social media, SOME Political leaders and so called “Mainstream Media” itself. And with pundits and commentators who have somehow excused the Left for nominating Hillary, one of the most untrustworthy and embattled candidates ever, and make the election about whites hating everyone else.

My case in point is Van Jones on CNN from Election Night:

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