Election 2016: Rome is burning, and someone wants to be Nero?

The above titled article was written by Dr. Robin McFee — here is part of her bio: She is a physician, clinical toxicologist, medical director of Threat Science – and nationally recognized expert in WMD preparedness, and she consults with government agencies, corporations and the media. In the post she outlines a pretty depressing litany about the state of the country — here are a few of the things she lists:

  • 10 million illegal immigrants within our borders, some good and contributing, some posing serious costs to our communities, some are felons (think the need for Kate’s Law), some just trying to raise families.
  • Then there are the disastrous domestic policies. Over regulation has gone beyond protecting air and water, becoming a Draconian creation.
  • Violence in the inner cities is rampant. Chicago is the US version of a killing field, and other cities face similar carnage, but without POTUS’ leadership addressing it beyond the perennial gun control chorus.
  • Accompanying this is a growing racial divide and levied from every direction, when racial unity would be far more effective at finding solutions.
  • Now let’s consider the disastrous foreign policies under the current Administration. Our leaders have allowed bad deals (Iran), catalyzed destabilization in the Middle East (Arab Spring, ISIS), rebuked our allies (Israel), emboldened our global enemies…
  • Political corruption – the number of candidates, local, and federal, who blur the lines in terms of influence peddling for money and favors, including one running for POTUS, is, hmmm, criminal.
  • The economy is not robust. That is being kind. Economic statistics are a lot like bikinis; what they reveal is interesting, and what they hide is essential.

McFee writes:

Make no mistake about it. We are modern Rome – the analogies are too frequent, too accurate, too consistent, and made in comparison to the USA myriad times since the first authors posited the thought. To be sure, there is burning in the empire. Think Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland not too long ago. Expect other cities to be awash in flames, as factions conspire to divide through violence.

However, the fires are also metaphorical. Barbarians are at the gate. The Huns threatening us are not just Radical Islamists, although they represent a significant danger. Russia, and soon China, will be vying for territory we have long relaxed upon the notion it was either ours, or international.

Barbarians are within the gates, too. Our counterterrorism experts are not wrong; there is a major fifth column that cannot be colored pink, dismissed as minimal threats, or nonexistent, as some politicians would have you believe. Nor can they all be corralled or exported by fiat, magic wand, or wishful thinking, as others politicos have suggested.

If you’re not depressed enough yet, you can read McFee’s entire article here.