Elliott Abrams Caught Misleading on Newt

The Republican establishment is made up mostly of mal-motivated people, many of whom are just plain dishonest. Always remember – the 8 years of George Bush gave us Barack Obama, and the 8 years of Dennis Hastert gave us Nancy Pelosi.

From the American Spectator:

As Ronald Reagan used to say: Well…

Yesterday we took note of former Reagan State Department official Elliott Abrams’ piece over at NRO that went after Newt Gingrich on his relationship with Reagan. While voting regularly with Reagan as a young congressman from Georgia, Gingrich, claimed Abrams, “often spewed insulting rhetoric at Reagan, his top aides and his policies to defeat Communism.” Abrams then goes on to cite ” a famous floor statement Gingrich made on March 21, 1986.”

Or sort of cites it.

In fact, I’m sorry to say, what appears to be going on here is that Elliott Abrams, a considerably admirable public servant and a very smart guy, has been swept up in the GOP Establishment’s Romney frothings over the rise of Newt Gingrich in the Republican primaries. He is even being accused of trolling for a job in a Romney administration. No way!!!! Really????

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