Embrace Homosexualism – Or Else

CultureWatchThree recent articles from writer and commentator Bill Muehlenberg:

Embrace Homosexualism – Or Else

/ The militant homosexual lobby has long ago stopped pretending it is about achieving “equality” and “tolerance.” They have instead made it clear that they will settle for nothing less than the complete homosexualisation of society. All resistance will be ruthlessly opposed, and everyone will be expected to embrace, promote and even favour the homosexual agenda.

It is no longer a question of the normalisation of homosexuality, but the glamourisation and forced exaltation of the lifestyle. Our coercive utopian leaders are now telling us, ‘You will love and embrace homosexuality. You have no other option. All resistance will be punished.’

I have of course already documented case after case of this state-enforced promotion of homosexuality, with recalcitrants facing the music. Every time I think I should get my new book off to the printers, a whole new bunch of cases arise.

To see just how ugly all this is, imagine this scenario: your son has been a drug addict for a decade, and now desperately wants to get off. He knows this lifestyle is killing him, and he really wants to make a clean break of it. But he is told by the elites and the authorities that he was born this way, it is innate, and he cannot change.

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There Will Be No Tolerance For Dissenters

Yep, it has been a week, so I am again well behind on documenting even more cases of homosexualist bigotry and intolerance. The militants are on a search and destroy mission, hunting down any recalcitrants who dare to not bow down to their agenda.

Anyone who even opens his mouth about this issue and offers a dissenting opinion will be taken to court and taught a lesson – big time. Here we have another batch of examples of how the activists operate. And once again, they would make the KGB or Stazi proud.

So let’s look at three new stories, the first coming from Scotland. There if you dare to say children do better with a mother and a father and warn against the homosexual agenda, you will be heavily fined and severely reprimanded by the courts. I kid you not. The story begins like this…

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Let’s Just Sue Them Into Submission

If we had the baloneyometre in action for the biggest porky of all coming from the militant homosexual lobby, surely one of the clear winners would be this one: “You have nothing to worry about: nothing will change when homosexual marriage is legalised.”

Yeah right. Special rights for homosexuals changes everything, and this is certainly the case with homosexual marriage. Rights do not exist in a vacuum, and when the “right” to homosexual marriage is granted, then all sorts of auxiliary demands, duties and obligations will be forthcoming.

The militants are never satisfied. They not only want to destroy the institutions of marriage and family, but they want to wipe out every last pocket of resistance to their destructive agenda. So whenever special rights are brought in, you can be sure to find the activists on their search and destroy missions, seeking out any remaining recalcitrants.

There are now many hundreds of examples of this, as my new book will fully document. Let me here just offer the latest from the pink mafia. Check out this new headline: “‘Gays’ to sue church to perform ‘marriage’ ceremonies.” Yep, here we go again.

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