Ending Independent Federal Agencies

By Bruce Walker:

The purpose of independent federal regulatory agencies is to remove decisions on important federal actions from political control. The practical effect, because of the vast number of regulations promulgated by these agencies each year, is to remove law-making from Congress and to place this power in the hands of nameless, faceless bureaucrats, lawyers, and activists who use their position to do those things that the people, if they knew, would not want.

The Federal Reserve System, which largely controls the supply of money and interest rates in America, is one of the most nefarious of these agencies, but all, really, are equally unconstitutional, equally destructive of popular will, equally muddling public policy issues, and equally exasperating to those Americans who wish to constitutionally change the direction of American government.

President Trump, if he wished to propose a truly revolutionary change in Washington, could propose to Congress a single great reform: abolish all independent federal regulatory agencies and return the power these agencies wield back to Congress, the presidency, and the federal bench – respectively, the legislative, executive, and judicial powers these agencies have exercised.

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