Equal Rights For Polyamorists

CultureWatchFrom Bill Muehlenberg:

Now that the homosexual activists have done such a terrific job of destroying the institutions of marriage and family, the other deconstructionists can readily come along and complete the job. And just as we have warned for decades now, when you allow the homosexual militants to redefine marriage and family out of existence, then anything goes.

We warned repeatedly that “group marriage” and the like will be next. And it sure is. Every day now this is being promoted, even in reputable quarters. There is nothing fringe about the push for polyamory – it has gone mainstream, all thanks to the homosexual social engineers.

To keep up with the steady flow of pro-polyamory activities is now a fulltime job. It has become flavour of the month, and I cannot keep up with it all. But let me offer you some recent examples of this. Of course I realise that as soon as this article gets posted, it will already be out of date, with plenty of new examples appearing.

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