Erick Erickson: ‘What Conservatives Should Be Doing’

Here is the opening of a post by Erickson this past Wednesday calling people into real political activity and thus to fight in the information war:

Rush Limbaugh Is Right On This Too

This is going to make certain people as upset as it made them when Rush said it, but it does not make it less true.

The other day, Rush was talking about a segment of the conservative intelligentsia who think writing a column or delivering a clever line on television is all they need to do in commitment to the cause. They don’t want to actually advocate a position or fight for anything. They just talk and write.

That’s actually all well and good. There are a number of tremendous writers and thinkers on the right and I learn a lot from them and am not really talking about them specifically. But I have noticed, as has Rush, a dangerous trend.

Frequently, when I point out some fool on the left and their foolish writing, I also point out that the fool has never held a real job in the real world. He has spent his entire life mired in left-wing non-profit punditry, coming straight from some ivy league coddling session to a Washington Post or Vox blog without really contributing anything to the country. From that vantage point, he believes he can tell everyone else how to order society.

Well, the same is happening on the right with a number of twenty and thirty-something voices.

The right’s situation gets mitigated a bit because many of those in the same situation actually dare travel to places in the middle part of the country the leftwing elite just fly over to ensure their nose always stays above it. Many of the conservative voices also attend church and are continually reminded at they are not God, though they have a tendency to think they are.

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