Establishment GOP Failing To Make The Case On The Debt Ceiling

conservativehqReaders of this website will find the following comments very familiar. From

The problem for the Congressional Republicans is not that the public isn’t ready for smaller government – a large majority of Americans think the size and growth of government are the greatest threats to the freedom of the ordinary citizen.

The problem is Republicans aren’t even making the argument for their policy or strategy – if they even have a policy or strategy.

Until Republicans get over the idea that mere opposition to Obama is enough to win the argument, they are destined to lose — and lose big.


If anyone is going to help “the American people come to understand that these programs aren’t sustainable,” it is going to have to be Republicans — and they are making no discernible effort to educate the public on these issues, let alone build political support for whatever it is they plan to do. Again, if they even have a plan.


All the brave talk about standing firm on the debt ceiling isn’t worth anything if Republicans don’t have a plan, start making the intellectual case for their plan and building the public support necessary for that plan to hold a majority in at least the House.

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