Europe, Multiculturalism, and Nihilism

Here is Luca Volontè writing at Public Discourse:

Europe can only emerge from its downward spiral by putting religious faith and respect for history and tradition at the center of our communal and personal lives.

Many interesting and ridiculous things have been said and written about the terrible ISIS attack on innocents in Paris. Yet, because of the manipulation of mass media, our memory is anesthetized. If we are not now, we will soon be ready to forget the tragedy in Paris, as we have already forgotten the tragedy of the Russian airplane in Sinai, the killing of Israeli citizens, and Boko Haram’s massacres in Nigeria, Egypt, and Tunisia. This is just the latest slaughter, which we will soon forget.

For twenty years I have been a public figure in Italy and for some years one of Europe’s most influential politicians supporting family, life, freedom of religion and education. I know of what I speak.

Europe did not analyze the situation after the attacks at Madrid station in 2004 or in London in 2005. After the two attacks in Paris (on January 7 and November 13), we are beginning to do so now. These attacks should spur Europeans to deeply reflect on the shallow model of foreign integration generally adopted in our continent. The fear of our European identity and our Jewish-Christian roots was publicly shown through the European Convention, which led to only two results in two years (2002-2003): the abolition of Jewish-Christian roots and citizens’ rejection of the text in several European countries.

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Image credit: European headquarters in Strasbourg, France, photo by John Biver.