Europe’s Loss

Here is Jon N. Hall writing at American Thinker:

Just over a century ago, the nations of Europe were the Masters of the Universe. Europe’s far-flung empires girded the globe. Europe had the biggest, the best, and the most of everything. Then everything went to hell. The relatively peaceful century after Napoleon I ended with World War I, which led to WWII. Europe lost her preeminence and her empires, and fell under the protectorate of a former colony.

Europe was brought low by a century of horrible political leadership. From Asquith, Wilhelm II, Clemenceau, Chamberlain, the fascists, the traitors of the Euro-Arab Dialogue to the current bureaucrats at the EU headquarters, Europe’s leaders have been one godawful disaster after another. For every Churchill there’s been bunches of scoundrels, incompetents, madmen, and dummies with delusions of national, if not personal, grandeur.

After her blunders, failures, and sins over the last century, Europe is now a “fallen continent.” The most cataclysmic events of the last century started in Europe. The Holocaust was not so very long ago, yet naked anti-Semitism is again common in Europe. European Jewry is again under attack, and Jews are again emigrating. Europe seems to have learned nothing.

Europe is committing suicide. Europe has been working on that little project since 1914, however. But now Europe is getting really serious about suicide, as it allows millions of unassimilable Muslims to invade the homeland. Europe’s leaders seem paralyzed to stop the influx.

The demographers have done the math, and it is almost certain that unless something is done, and soon, Muslim immigration and breeding, combined with the low birthrates of native Europeans, will transform Europe into a Muslim-majority continent in this century. Europe will cease being Europe. Europe will become Eurabia, a caliphate. The wellspring of Western Civilization will be gone, and it will be the greatest tragedy in history.

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